Sometimes when things are tough you just need a time out to remind yourself of the important things in life. So this weekend we have done just that and filled it with all the things we love.

We started at the beginning with a date afternoon because there is nothing like a random dinosaur to brighten up your day. I learnt that a suck at crazy golf but being a bit silly and daft can help you find that smile again (and my husband) who also sucked at crazy golf – crazy golf really shouldn’t have water in it!

However, we did not spend our whole weekend kissing raptors or trying to un-sink our golf balls. We closed the door to the outside world too, grabbed the dog leads and strolled along the fields and lanes with only our fur babies to spoil our calm. Neither did they disappoint as the three little legs just enjoyed the moments, embraced the fresh air and rolled in the fox poop.

Our family though is only about the four paws, we have man children here too and family time is just as important as us time. That being said our man children are teenagers – meaning long intellectual conversations are rare. So we had to choose something that would bring us together but not break the teenagers and force them to try and relate to us.

Thus the cinema was what we decided upon, spending time together in a non evasive way (because teenagers are yuck!) But we did have one thing in common – our love for Harry Potter. Yes, we excitedly all piled into the cinema to see the new Fantastic Beasts film and it was great, my mum would of loved it.

And now we sit around the fire with tummies full of popcorn and dogs playing at our feet (because the man children are hiding back in thier man caves) and as we feel refreshed and ready to fight another day, we are refocused to the things that really matter.


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