The destruction was far and wide,
As I looked into your eyes.
Never could you deny,
Nor could you lie.

The blinds lay ripped,
With your teeth marks in the bits.
The cord by its side,
Laid open wide.

The kitchen bin lay astute,
Bin bag open, thrown to the wind.
Trailing through living room,
And all rooms in reach.

But hidden away,
Was the worst,
Still to pay.

As we creeped into the house,
As quiet as a mouse,
And took in the mess,
Not noticing the rest.

My shoes left behind,
By the door,
At the side,
My bare foot did dare,
To stand in your lair.

The scent we did not notice,
As the mess we did focus,
Until the warmth hit our toes,
And the smell hit our nose.

We see you’re feeling better,
We can tell by your face,
Short walks have been frustrating,
And hard for you to embrace,
So let’s get tidied up,
And hide that guilty face.

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