Following Ginny and her adventures yesterday; of dining in the kitchen bin, doing the shredding, eating the living room blinds and leaving suspicious mounds on the carpet, I can honestly say no dog was hurt during this time.

Her photographs yesterday showed a very guilty and regretful dog as she faced the cushions on the couch. Sadly, as with most rescue dogs you never do really know what they have experienced in thier time before you and we always take this into account when putting the rules in place.

We believe in positive re-enforcement and Ginny already knew her wrong doings as we came home. Thus a firm no was all that was needed as we calmly tidied up, for this nervous little girl needs to know not only that home is a safe place but the boundaries too (because she is very much in the terrible toddler phase.)

Thankfully, dogs unlike hoomans don’t dwell on things, meaning once the correction had passed, so had the tension and Ginny…

Well, she is back to her normal flamboyant self and she even relaxed for the first time in my arms today as I picked her up – because it is all about the little things (which are usually big things to our rescue dogs.) I mean Lord Willie has been with us almost eighteen months now and he still has the odd moment or two.

So here’s to patience, seeing the funny side and letting things go. Life is too short to not cuddle your fourpaws.


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