Curfew has ended…

Ginny is free, no longer bound to slow, short walks. The stitches are gone and the scars healing nicely. Ginny is obviously delighted about this new turn of events – well that and she is able to enjoy her walks off lead again.

Now if you think zoomies are just for home, you’d be very wrong, for Wee Ginny is a speedaholic. There is nothing she loves more than running and zooming about here and there. So much so I can honestly say her quarantine period of little or slow walks has been a nightmare. It would be easier teaching a cat to swim than teaching Ginny to sit still.

So today she was the epitome of the Duracell Bunny, diving in and out of the hedgerows, leaping over the potholes and puddles and playing tag toe down the lane and back again. While Willie and I looked on exhausted by just watching her.

Yes, the old man (Willie) and I left Lady Maggie and wee Ginny to it. I mean lets face it, my living room blinds could do with a break as they hang by thier last threads (courtesy of Ginny) and Lady Maggie dare I say is looking rather rotund and could do with a little more exercise – so win/win really.

I’d like to say the shower the three Stooges HAD to have when we got home was worth all the fun they had playing amongst the mud but I think I’m safe to say they didn’t agreed and proved the point by ignoring me for the rest of the afternoon – westitude style – talk to the back because the face ain’t listening pose…

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