The first mistake…

Our first mistake when decorating the Christmasmas tree was to let the wild ones play amongst the tinsel.

The second one was to think that the tree would be safe in thier paws as we trudged away to work this morning.

For all it took was the thirty minutes cross over from me going to work to Mr 3WD&P returning from work for chaos to erupt.

Therefore, for the next few days we will diligently wait by as the four paws pass the beautiful red tinsel and metallic golden beads taken from the Christmas tree – for what goes in must come out!

However, on the scale of things having to be ejected it could be worse – it could be a blankie (you know who you are, your mummy told us all about it 🤣.)

So on looking on the bright side, we still have twenty five glittering westies and a selection of Rosey red baubles safely fastened on (only because we placed these higher up the tree.)

Leaving us to now wait in anticipation – for Pigcat has not adorned the Christmas tree yet – which will inevitably be a monumental event as tree and cat collide…

Pass the wine, will you 🍷 🍷 🍷

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