Santa’s little helpers…

Let’s talking about wrapping…

That wonderful job that helps Santa and his elves; a task which should be relatively easy. Well, that is if you lock yourself in a child free, animal restricted area with security measures that a state of the art prison would be proud of.

However, our home is neither child free or animal free (it is not even idiot free.) But if there is one thing I do love about being a four paw mummy, it is the innocence of them.

Yes, Maggie HAD to sit and sleep in the middle of the floor (that we had cleared for the wrapping paper) and Ginny had stolen (and eaten) the ribbon and cello tape we needed to parcel them together but it was just too exciting not to explore and play amongst the festivities.

The paper was colourful and crunchy underfoot, the cello tape lopped and rolled about the floor playfully and Willie eagerly approved each gift ready for labelling and parcelling up.

Yes, bliss was upon us as we found our rhythm, Maggie even napped patiently as we wrapped a top her breast. However, nothing so angelic can last for long…

And nothing is more exciting as unwrapping presents that have just been wrapped – and Lord Willie just could not help himself as he stole away one or two from the pile as he crept slyly through to the other room – and only he would be so opportune as to bag a gift of chocolates.

Thankfully, we caught him mid snack and he had only managed to nibble away a corner but we all know dogs and chocolate do not mix. Thus while wrapping the rest of our parcels Willie adorned us with some lovely Christmas tunes…

Unfortunately they were from his bottom and had rather unpleasant fragrance!

I bet you are glad smelly vision has not been invented yet…

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