Water baby…

Now, Lord Willie first of him name is not particularly keen on bathing or so he has led us to believe…

Yes, past experiences of ‘trying’ to get this rather strong willed individual into a bath have been – lets say interesting. His determination and dare I say genius in conjuring up ways to get out of this humiliation has ranged from;


Refusing point blank to participate,

Crying at the back door for a phantom dump,

Slinking under the bed covers,

Diving out the front door through the legs of unsuspecting victims,

Doing a perfect plank, going ridget and refusing to bend into said bath,

Weeing on the bath enforcement officer,

Growling at the bath enforcement officer,

Huffing at the bath enforcement officer,

and my personal favourite – hiding behind Pigcat (because he’s going to save him – not!)

However, it seems we have just not been providing the right stimulation for his Lordship. Who decided to put himself into the bath – and it wasn’t even his bath but his two legs little people’s bath. I could not believe my eyes, as he vaulted over the side of the bath (collar and all) but this was not the best bit…

He then dunked his face straight in to get a ball. It was such a perfect move full of confidence and with perfect precision he plucked it out first time, putting the best apple dunkers to shame. Neither did it end there – no he refused to get out until the plug was pulled and the bath empty because he wanted to play – not that the two legs minded but I don’t think we will make a habit of that!


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