Bad Loser…

So it would seem that Ginny is quite competitive and doesn’t take loosing all that well. Maybe it’s the teenager in her as she constantly tries to upstage her white counterparts. Or maybe it’s just that little streak she has but one thing is for certain, she needs to work on her sportsmanship…

Yes, take a wee look at the photographic evidence below. It’s all fun and games until she is loosing.

Photograph one – the starting line, look at her go.

Photograph two – trying the leap frog/push over tactic.

Photograph three – perplexed the previous move didn’t quite work but not quite yet to give in and still trying to push through…

Photograph four – a head in front. The delight in her face, she has found her momentum, just Lord Willie to pass.

Photograph five – realisation begins to set in…

Photograph six – What’s the point! The look on her face says it all, there’s no sporting handshakes here, choosing to rather sulk in the corner.

Remind us of anyone? Why, yes – the manchildren of course, because let’s face it teenagers are the forgotten childhood age. Oh you will get advice and warnings on the explosive nappies and terrible twos as you prepare for family life BUT what is never mentioned is the teenage years. The mood swings, conversation killers, looks, shrugs and death smells. The constant battle of wills as all rules are ignored…

Yes, the similaries between teenage children and dogs are eerie and we have both…

But we wouldn’t change a thing.

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