Can you guess where we have been?

Do you think Willie is enjoying himself?

I think so by the look on his face!

Yesterday as the wind blew, we braved the beach for a trial run with wee Ginny (ready for some dates in the Christmas break) and I think we must of chosen the coldest, most blustery day this month too. The beach was practically deserted, infact it was so cold that we ended up not staying as long as we had originally planned to.

Normally, we would have stormed the beaches before now, abandoning the muddy paths and fields for the coast. However, Ginny has not long been spayed and had her dew claws removed, meaning a sandy beach was off bounds until her wounds healed.

But as the Christmas break sneaks up ever closer and catching up with friends and family is on the horizon, it just had to be done. Ginny has never visited a beach before nor has she had any experiences of public places, such as dog friendly cafes and this is something we want her to be able to do.

The visit to the sandy beach was welcomed excitedly by all of the three amigos, along with a wind that was gusting noisily about, sandblasting our rather cold and wind swept faces. But still the frostbite caught us, eventhough we had wrapped the doggies up in thier winter fleeces, teeth chattered and bones shook and at a scrawny 4.2kg Ginny felt it.

So, we packed her up into our coat and scuttled to the nearest dog friendly cafe for a hot chocolate and cuddle. Now, we already know Lord Willie and Lady Maggie are not in least bit perplexed about cafes and such (as long as there is a sneaky tit bit offered now and then) but Ginny…

Well, Ginny is a proper baby and scaredy cat. Yes, she’s the one that will playfully bound up to you or your dog, excited to say hello and then changed her mind just as you are a finger length away. However, when she changes her mind it’s not a demure, graceful move – oh no!

She begins screaming – not yelping – screaming like a banshee, then cowers and shakes in the corner. This is the point where any unsuspecting dog owner then goes into panic mode and starts apologising profusely for thier dog, who must have frightened her or – the horror – snacked at her…

Nope, no it wasn’t your dog at all. It was wee Ginny, yes that innocent lump shaking in the corner, asking for carry cuddles. Is it the breed? is it just her? who knows, it just means we are going to have to do more of it, until she gets used to it.

So if you see us about or come over to say hi, and you hear screaming. It’s Ginny, she’s not hurt, she is just learning. Learning that the world is safe and not going to peel her skin off …

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