The wonderous universe…

Christmas time is a time for many (including myself) where you look back at the past year and those years previous. You think about those not with us, mistakes made and lessons learned.

I’ve thought a lot about my mum and my brother, no longer with us and I’ve thought about others who have left us and I have thought of those who are left behind.

I have smiled at memories shared with new friends and old, times enjoyed with family and I have thought about all the times I’ve cried and I have realised that for all the sad tears I have shed, I have sobbed with happiness just as much, if not more. As I think of those I miss, I cherish those I can still hold and I am confident to say that even when we have days when we may not like each other – we know we are always loved.

But it is not just the thoughts of two legs that have crossed my mind. I have remembered those who have passed through our doors. Those who have stayed and remained, those who stayed only a short time and had to return to heaven (My beautiful Nana Rosie, still a huge hole gapes in my heart) and those who needed help and stayed as long as they needed to.

But one lingered longer in my thoughts. One who touched our hearts when she stayed with us. One I sometimes think we failed but isn’t the universe a wonderous thing…

As my heart aches thinking of this particular fourpaw a messages pops up on our phone. A single photograph with a Christmas Greeting from the one who sometimes weighs heavy on our hearts.

This Christmas wish comes from her forever home and helps to remind us that we are only human and that even though we may not be able to keep them all, we can help them on thier way.

It is easy to linger in sadness, choose instead to look at the nudges the universe gives you, before it kicks you up the behind ❤️❤️❤️

Merry Christmas Nessie 🌲🌲🌲

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