His magnificence…

This is Willie’s happy face.

Willie is super happy because santa replenished his toy box and a brought scrupulous amount of treats but even though all of these things have made him smile, this smile is filled with pride too…

Yes, Willie is super proud that not only his new Christmas toys (from santa because Willie is a believer) are dead but Lady Maggie and wee Ginny’s are too – not that the ladies had any say in the matter – for they HAD to die.

And nothing pleases Willie more than looking around his kingdom and seeing squeakers torn in two and stuffing gently blowing across the living room like tumbleweeds in the wild west.

For this display of destruction portrays his masculine perfection and to top it off he completed it his fastest time yet (half an hour peeps, all dead in thirty minutes. Can you believe it, he was on a mission.) Indeed is there any finer specimen than he and now we must bow to his magnificence…

Or so he thinks!

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