You look familiar…

When you find the most amazing bargain in the Christmas sales and you are so chuffed you squeal like little kiddies up to no good and you just can not help but take silly selfies with it all the way home (with not a care to the public giving you odd glances, while rolling thier eyes.)

Only to get home with it and find the dogs hate it. Yes, you heard right Lady Maggie the gentle will not enter the same room as it and should it move as she walks past – the hackles on the back of her neck rise and she gives it a right olde telling, of course Ginny (the I wanna be like Maggie) follows suit and joins in. Thus watching television in peace is out the window tonight but what about Lord Willie first of his name?

He lies in wait. Contemplating. He’s pretty sure he’s seen this guy before, he looks so familiar, it is just the last time he was much smaller with a squeaker in his tum tum, hanging from his stocking…

Yes, Lord Willie is quietly contemplating, while licking his lips. He will just wait until Mummy and Daddy are distracted and then he will bring death to this new giant toy they have brought him and then he will be King. King of all, destroyer of stuffed Christmas Santa’s and devourer of squeaks and all those who stand in his way shall perish, (evil laugh) mhooarrr…

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