An adventure…

The gang braved the beach today with thier little cousin Ripley. We haven’t been to the beach as much as we would of liked this year. We haven’t really got an excuse why either, just the usual excuses; we are too busy, it’s too cold, there isn’t enough time, we are too tired.

But you forget just how good the coast is for blowing away those cobwebs. It is like a breath of fresh air, recharging the batteries and just in time as the new year peeks around the corner.

We don’t know what the new year will hold. It will be an adventure I’m sure but I am also sure it will be a mixture of good days mixed with hard day’s too. The rollercoaster of life is one of those rides which is a mixture of days where you don’t want to get on in the first place, days where you want to get off mid ride and days where you want it never to end.

But here is a secret I have learned, nothing is forever. Those dark days will pass and become shadows in the past. The good days come and go too but the memories stay – a lantern on dark days. All you have to do is put one foot Infront of another and keep moving forward.

So, let’s put one foot infront of the other into the new year. Let’s do it together, with family, friends and loved ones. Let’s walk in the sun and dance in the rain and never feel alone in 2019.

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