Tell me a story…

We all love reading or listening to a good book or story. Indeed we all have our own individual stories to tell but Lord Willie’s favourite story is the one his daddy tells…

This story tells of a rag-tagged, bad-tempered, scruffy dog who came to stay long ago. He wasn’t supposed to stay forever, just for a little while until his forever family came along but somewhere along the way magic happened.

The rag-tagged, bad-tempered, scruffy dog was actually a handsome prince in disguise. His bad-temper was due only to fear. Fear of being hurt or hungry again.

For you see the handsome prince had lost his hope of all goodness in the world but like all fairy tales, with a splash of magic, love blossomed. Not with love for a princess or a kiss of true love but a brave step to trust in others. In a twinkling in his eye, looking past his worries. Lord Willie chose his man, his knight in shining armour.

Together they would stay, looking after each other. Accepting each other flaws (for daddy snores and Lord Willie farts) and together they were braver and stronger. Lord Willie not only learned to trust again but to love again and the shining knight he chose…

He learned that love comes in all shapes and sizes and that love is worth fighting for

And they lived happily ever after.


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