Haircut Day…


Don’t the kids look grand on this most fantastic day. I am feeling ever so proud of myself today as I fluff my feathers and bask in my awesomeness. For it was hair cut day (which is not always met with enthusiasm) and it went well. But lately haircut day has been, well – not great. It hasn’t been horrid or anything, no lost tails or missing ears but recently for Lord Willie it’s been rather stressful.

We have seen improvements in Lord Willie since he had his operation on his leg but he still gets a lot of discomfort (especially in the colder weather.) This of course is part and parcel to old age, major surgery and authritis. We have tried many remedies to help his joints and discomfort such as u move (which gave him explosive poop), hydrotherapy in the warmer weather (which did help but is £££) but taking Willie to a busy grooming salon was just not working for him.

Always on the watch out for a knock, lift or twist of his leg, Willie started becoming stressed on his hair cut days – thus misbehaved. We tried quieter appointment times, positive reinforcement and even tried to clip him ourselves (which you can just imagine how that went!) So haircut days have changed, non of the dogs suspected anything, all of the dogs went willingly AND all of the dogs came back one by one looking fandabbydosy – even Willie…

So, what have we done, we’ve joined the bandwagon of mobile groomers. Yes, we shoved Willie in a white van, outside of our home to be groomed and he came back happy. You could almost say he was smiling.

Not that you can tell on these photographs, in his full glory of bring in a huff (because the camera was pointed at him.) So I’ve left instructions for Mr 3WD&P to catch a better one later.

But it went so well, we’ve booked up until October – I wonder if she does pussycats and teenagers…

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