Ghostly Ghoul…

This is Willie’s happy face.This is his face before he has been traumatised and humiliated, before he began suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and paranoia.

What could of caused this terrible turn of events you may be thinking? Has he been a victim of crime? Been forced into a dangerous situation or been made to do something unwillingly?

No it is far worse than that!

Lord Willie has a stalker. This stalker is at the top of thier game and has mastered the technique. Silently, creeping upon him, tormenting him from inside his own home and turning Lord Willie into a nervous reck. He cannot even relax on the couch without this ghostly ghoul chasing him,even though this ghostly ghoul is of his own doing.

Yes, Lord Willie has a farty bum – a noisy farty bum and of course Willie is of royal stature and birth and royalty DO NOT fart – ever. Thus, Lord Willie is trying to run away and hide from his own bottom (which of course is following him.)

So, as we try to explain to him nothing is trying to kill him through the fog of living room and Willie’s cabbage farts, we hide our sniggers behind our hands. For Willie is not amused and is dreaming of days gone by when the song of his bottom is not bringing him to his demise.

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