This Girl Can…

Imagine our surprise today when our newest addition little Ginny decided to have a power nap (which is not unusual) but what was special was the way in which she took it.

Wee Ginny is the dog equivalent to a jumping bean, she never stays still for long and goes everywhere at one hundred miles an hour. However, this is not her only behaviour trate. Ginny is a nervous wee thing (common for Yorkshire terriers I’ve been told) but her rather sad start to her life has made her extra so – which of course is understandable.

This wee girl is such a character and has flourished these past three months she has been with us; she now will eat out of a bowl – rather than off the floor, will come when you ask her (98% of the time) – rather than hiding away, has mastered walking on the lead and is mostly house trained. All of which are great things and in such a short time too. We have spent hour upon hour stroking her, brushing her and faffing about with her paws. Have given and took away toys and food (for training purposes.) Subjected her to car journeys and trips out to both quiet and busy places but throughout all of this she has not quite ever been able to fully relax into a cuddle or be calm enough to carry for a period of time.

So, imagine our delight when this week not only did I carry cuddle her about the house (her choice, she came to me and begged up) but she also relaxed enough to power nap (for longer than a few minutes.) Yes, this little lady is a super hero in miniature. You I have to look at the photographs I managed to snap to see – yes, she is not best pleased the camera is out but look at the way she is lying. Chilled out or what!

Bring on the next three months #thisgirlcan

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