While Lady is looking absolutely fabulous with loosing a little weight (chasing Ginny around) and her new haircut, she was rather purplexed today playing on the field. This is because Lord Willie first of his name is feeling better and you know what that means…

Trouble and mischief.

He had just happened to decide that on this particular beautiful day that Lady Maggie would be his unsuspecting victim. Full of beans and feeling rather pleased with himself he had decided to play hide and seek – and Maggie was ‘it’. However, he forgot to informed poor Maggie of this. Now, Maggie is the sensible one of this bunch (including Pigcat) and likes things to be just so but not only that, she is a bit of a matron and prides herself on her ability to nanny her charges and keep them in tow. So much so, she was horrified to have ‘misplaced’ them out on our walk. This being said neither is Lady Maggie daft!

Action shots one and two, do indeed show Lady Maggie looking about (rather worried) for Lord Willie and his sidekick Ginny but action shot three is a definite statement. It clearly states “he’s behind me, isn’t he!” Of course once Lady Maggie knew the state of play (and the game they were playing) it was game on – and they all throughly enjoyed themselves,me included!

So, all that is left to do now is Find the dogs in the action shots – good luck and happy Friday!

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