Amourous Quest…

Who dis boy?

Why it’s Pigcat of course. Pigcat has been hibernating of late. Building up his hours of naps and filling his insatiable appetite. For what you maybe asking? Well, just because he can really – he is of royal heritage and can blumming well do what he jolly well wants you know! Mmmm, that and he is immensely vain! All this pruning, preening and time spent upon his highnesses magnificence can only meaning one of two things;

There is a ladycat, whom is of interest to him (he’s been neutered – not that he realises this.)
Or there is another tomcat around – that may or may not be as magnificent as he! However, depending on what scenario above is relevant, very much depends on his what he is going to do about it.

If it is a amorous quest to woo the girl of his dreams we will be subjected to such things as;

listening to the cry of his people (usually late at night and not tune at all.)

Watching his walk the top of the fence, again not a pleasant experience as he has no I repeat NO coordination at all and usually falls (flat on his face – as landing on all fours is apparently not his thing.)

Constantly mooching around the house, demanding food but never eating it (and being as ungrateful about as feline possible.)

Revenge (I mean frustration) hunting – usually the poor unsuspecting dogs, who start furniture walking as to avoid been bitten on the ankles as they walk along the floor by the furniture.

And our personal favourite (absolutely not our favourite) the ritual killings of any said living things such as birds, mice and rats – my least liked thing about cats (maybe not the rat part but definitely the birds.)

Frankly, there is not much difference between a visiting girlfriend or an arch enemy male prowling Pigcats territory, apart from;

The tail of magnificence, that is constantly fluffed up to dangerous magnitudes of destruction.

The sharpening of his claws on EVERY surface in the house (alive or not.)

Oh, and not to forget the delightful death ray of ammonia, secretly sprayed behind your back (that you spend the next twenty years trying to find -it’s not only skunks that stink.)

And lastly, the being kept awake all night listening to the yowls and screeches, that your beloved feline has dragged up from the depths of hell (his throat.) As you watch your garden become an official war zone with bins rolling around and plants physically squashed in rage.

So, as we quietly wait and watch to see which turn of events is to come, we prepare our bankcard to go (just incase) and we sneak in as many cuddles as we can because we know demon cat is coming, you can sense it in the air…

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