January Blues…

January is never the easiest of months with the financial slump after Christmas, dark evenings and nights breathing down upon us and the chill of winter creeping under our collars. All these combined with the anniversary of my mum’s death too has well, helped make a low mood, lower making it feel like everyday you are swimming against the tide, which is exhausting.

The first port of call in these cases are usually self preservation. To hibernate away, behind the doors and concentrate on getting through each day, until it passes. Of course at the time you feel it is never going to pass and it never does really – it just changes.

Those changes are usually made by small acts of kindness, love or friendship. A cuppa out with friends, a text from a loved one, a daft joke at a daft time or a look passed between each other. I have not got enough room to write down each and every name or act of kindness that has made January bearable but today on the 3rd year of my mum’s passing, I spent it with friends. Friends that came my way after mum left us – it is almost like she sent them my way, it wasn’t a planned friends date for me, it was a birthday treat for one of the girls but the universe seemed to decide that today was the only day to go and I am grateful for that. I got to celebrate my friends birthday and sneak in a few smiles on a day that up to now I would rather hide from – and if I had tried to make excuses and hide – I’m pretty sure I would have been dragged by my ears backwards by my friends because sometimes I don’t know best!

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