The Face Of An Angel.

Just look at this sweet face. It’s the face of an angel. An angel that when poor Lady Maggie had to go into the bath to help ease her skin, disappeared off into the living room out of the way. Who snuggled down on the back of the couch trying to pretend he wasn’t there, hoping we wouldn’t notice him.

He then continued to snored his head off as wee Ginny clambered over the side of the bath, desperate to join Lady Maggie (and changed her mind almost immediately as she hit the water.) He ignored all calls of his name and hunkered on down, deeper in the couch, determined not to engage in any talk of bathing.

Indeed, he was stubborn to his very core. That was until he saw the warm fluffy towel in which Maggie and Ginny were wrapped in came to his attention. For when he sat and watched as they snuggled in deeper, relishing in the soft, warmth of the towel, he shook in anticipation.

Then as Maggie gleefully leapt around the living room enjoying the rubbing down from the towel. He methodically clambered down from the back of the couch and as he witnessed Ginny enjoying running up, under, over and around the towel as Mr 3WD&P patted her dry and cuddled her in…

He barged right past the girls, almost knocking them flying as the shouldered them out of the way. Continued to then throw himself on the floor Infront of his daddy; paws out front and back (the superdog) and grabbed that towel between his teeth. He pulled and thrust it out of daddies hands and he rolled in the towels folds and begged for its pleasures.

And when that failed; he threw himself on his daddies pity, for while he was quite happy to forego a bath, he was not going to miss out on a good olde rub down, all of the benefits, non of the wet stuff – as let’s face it, there is no flies on him – and just look at that face!


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