To sit like a Lady…

It has took Lady Maggie a quite a while to teach her little charge wee Ginny how to sit upon a chair correctly. Maybe it is that Ginny is entering her teen age years and evolution has determined no teenager may sit, unless they are slouching, slobbing or melting over a chair (certainly that is the conclusion I have come to watching my two leg teenagers.)

Or maybe it is all about the attitude, the feeling of being indestructible, untouchable and all knowing. Making for a carefree ‘I know everything ,whatever recall. Who knows, but I do know teenage years are the pits; having a bad time in the terrible twos or fierce fours – Ha! Consider it light training, ready for teenager years…

Yes, every command or manners taught, goes out of the window, along with all respect. The furniture is no longer a respected piece to take care and appreciate – it is now a play zone, for pole vaulting over the arms and trampolining on. The rugs are for skidding and sliding upon and meal times consist of swallowing but not chewing.

Thankfully though, it is not just us two legs parenting in this house; Lady Maggie takes great pride in appearance and conducting herself in an appropriate way and Lord Willie…

Well, he’s more of an ‘do as I say, not as I do’ parent. Doing all the things he’s not supposed to do with pride but the first to tell tales on others and getting his two pennies worth in – yes, Willie is an ‘over parenter’, more for taking credit than putting in the hard time when it comes to teaching the ropes. Thus he is proud of wee Ginny (but moreso of himself) as she sits Lady like upon the armchair, however, it was Lady Maggie who was the hero of this story but we won’t pop Willie’s bubble now will we…

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