On strike…

As much as the three amigos love snow the love doesn’t seem to extend to frost and ice. So much so the gang have been on strike all week, curtly refusing to rise and shine. Opting instead for the hunker down and squeeze their eyes shut method.

This in its self is difficult on dark cold mornings, as you contemplate leaving your warm bed as three warm bodies snuggle up closer around you, making it even harder. Then just as you have decided that it is the time to get up, in comes a creeping the ‘wild one’ and begins his under the cover snuggles.

Yep, Lord Willie first of his name guilts you into an extra ten minute snooze, as he circles and snuggles next to you under the covers. It is impossible it is to not partake in this act of cuteness too because let’s face it he’s not the cuddliest snuggle muffin when it comes to getting up close, so you’ve gotta take it when it’s offered…

The only downside is when you do get out of bed and abandon him in his hour of need – well let’s just say it’s not looked upon kindly and especially so this week because he is triple grumpy due to being unwell, bless his cotton socks. He dishes out the no eye contact treatment and went back to sleep – alone!

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