Birthday Girl…

Apart from the fact Ginny thought the birthday hat was infact a sinister murderer reincarnated as a birthday cake shaped head warmer, Ginny quite enjoyed this birthday mallarkey.

Not only did she get sung to on countless occasions but she was adorned with kisses and cuddles too. Even Willie in his grumpy, unwell state managed to smooch up for cuddles (although, I think it was more the abundance of treats on the go, rather than feeling all warm and fuzzy.)

Then, just a Ginny was beginning to feel nothing could make this day any better the presents came out. Of course, Ginny is no fool and on inspecting the gifts she quickly deemed the round, bouncy one to be the most exciting. As let’s face it we all know the soft, flat ones are clothes and what is exciting about clothes!

But, still she sat purplexed. She REALLY wanted to open the large green one, the one that was ball shaped. However, Willie was mooching around the smaller ones – the ones that rustled like treat packets. What was she to do?

Quietly, she sat an contemplated. It was her special day, she could have her cake and eat it so she could have all of the presents too. Calmly, she dragged and pulled (as to not forewarn Willie of her sneakiness) her beautifully wrapped gifts into her safe space – her crate in this instance and firmly, she plonked her bottom at the door to barr any uninvited guests.

And as she tore all her gifts open she yipped and yelped in delight we sang in the background;

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Ginny,
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy first birthday to our little scallywag who keeps us on our toes. She didn’t have the greatest start but she is here now and we love you too the moon and back 🌒 🌟 💓

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