The Ripley Diaries

It’s been a week of illness in the 3WD&P household this week. Lord Willie has had a bad bout of sickness, I’ve had a horrid chest infection and the Mr. has been trying to pick up the slack. However, that’s not the only thing different this week. We have also had a visitor staying with us while her hooman has been on holiday. Yes, wee Ripley came to stay and she has had a blast!

The Ripley Diaries.

Friday; This was the calm before the storm. Still on best behaviour mode (Willie that is, not Ripley) don’t let Willie’s innocent face trick you. He is ‘that uncle’ – the one who brings sugar filled treats to the party…

Saturday; Ripley begins to find her place (right next to Uncle lets break all the rules.) But there is also a romance blossoming between Ripley and Mr 3WD&P – much to Willie’s displeasure…

Sunday; Mr 3WD&P braved Ripley off lead today in the fields. She has never been off lead as yet. It was a chance but one he was confident about because she was with the pack and Ripley didn’t displease. Her pleasure playing on the fields was clear as she tumbled and rolled in the long grass, copying Willie’s every move.

Monday; Not phased. This little girl blossomed everyday, full of westitude and sass. Such a quick learner and a trouble maker to boot. Ginny and her are becoming fast friends, keeping Lord Willie on his toes.

Tuesday; Spot the westie. Pointed ears, carrot tail, kissing behind the blinds. Lord Willie – he’s sleeping on the other side (I think they have tired him out!)

Wednesday; Snow. Ripley’s first look at snow. The trying to walk on it but not, that did not last long as you can see.

Thursday; Bath day. There were four in the tub, with snowballs stuck to thier foots. A bath full of cuteness.

Friday; Gone is the fear of the snow, all that is left is to play and play and play…

Saturday; One last cuddle before home and our guys are pooped (babysitting is hard work) but it’s time for Ripley to go home. We will miss her.


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