The perfect snooze…

Anybody else pleased it’s Friday?

I know Maggie and Willie are because Fridays mean snuggling up on the couch with Mr. 3WD&P.

Yes, the place to be is upon daddies knee (or shoulder.) So many ways to sleep; upside down, stretched out, curled up, bottoms up or bottoms down. This is where all the best action takes place; snoring, farting and dreaming.

Does Mr. 3WD&P mind?

Of course he doesn’t.


Because at bed time he is not only abandoned but excluded too. For it is impossible to sleep on a slither of the mattress. If he is lucky he is allowed the last ten centimetres of the bed (the part furthest away from me.) While all three dogs position themselves securely around me – for I may run away in the night or worse I may forget to kiss them all good night and whisper to them bedtime stories until they fall asleep.

Spoilt much?

No – just loved ❤️❤️❤️

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