Dig, dig, dig, wee…

Where there is sand dig?

Certainly that is Maggies motto. Maggie who is quite willing to show Ginny the ropes, especially as it is a new adventure on a new beach. A beach that is blissfully quiet, expansive and barely touched by hooman or dog this morning.

However, that being said it was occupied by another. A clever predator, one that delighted in the chase and torment of a small willful Yorkshire Terrier. Neither was it a seagull as you may be thinking but a beautiful (large and rotund) Crow. Could it have been Odin, joining in our adventures or just a joker out to get the last laugh…

It was definitely the latter, deliberately placing itself within sight of mischievous wee Ginny, waggling its tail feathers is anticipation of the chase to only get away at the last moment and start the game again and again, much to Ginny’s frustration.

But while Ginny and Maggie were content to play this game to win Lord Willie was not. He had other plans in mind, for he is a mighty warrior, regal and magnificent. His only goal was the spread his presence and manliness to all. Tree, lampost, rock, seaweed and drift wood, no place would be left unturned…

Not even poor Ginny’s head as she dug her most bestest hole in the sand…


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