Never Just a Dog.

As the sun settled in the mid morning sky a man and his dog strolled along the edges of the dunes on a solice beach. Q\nuietly the man contemplated on his life, he thought about the choices he had made, the ones that had worked out right and those that had not. He reminisced on his children, now long grown up and fondly remembered memories full of tears and laughter.

Higher he climbed up onto the rocks and along the cliffs, at first savouring the peaceful whispers of the wind and the melody of the waves crashing below. Yet as he reached the very end of the path he faltered. He stood and took in all around him, the quiet that had once given him a feeling of satisfaction over his life lived suddenly felt empty, the beach felt barren and lonely.

But as the sadness grew inside him like a thunderstorm and the panic rose heavy in his heart he stumbled. For at his heel he felt a gentle nudge, warm and wet against him and as he looked down he smiled. He had made many choices in his life and time had not stood still. His children had grown up and were making choices of their own and could not always be with him, so he would wait for them but he was not alone. For there was a heartbeat at his feet walking along beside him…



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