Highland Cousins…

This week is one of my favourite weeks of the year. It combines the past with the future and is full of smiles and laughter as we catch up with family, go on adventures and make new memories. Scotland is not only beautiful but has been part of my story from the time I was born there.

However, like most your life stories can take you away from where you are born. Some find adventures abroad, some in the same country but further afield but home for me has always been where I am loved or have loved. Each time I visit Scotland I feel like I am coming home but I also look forward to going back home (if that makes sense.)

This I believe is true for the four paws too. Home is where we are, what part of the country it is or what four walls surround us is irrelevant. They too glow with happiness as they recognise not just places but people too.

A journey that is a new adventure for Ginny, one she has bravely leapt into and throughly enjoyed. She has openly accepted new friends and family. Bound energetically into adventures new – I mean who knew large areas of waters in Scotland are called Lochs and Scottish cows are related to her white Highland siblings – I mean they must be or why eles would they be called Highland Cows – right ?!?

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