We Broke the Dogs…

I think we broke the dogs…

I think they may need a holiday from our holiday. Indeed as we walked through the door this afternoon the reaction to being home was hilarious.

Willie threw himself upon the floor, using his face to combat gravity. He then spent the next ten minutes pushing and rolling the said face into the carpet – how he does not have carpet burns is beyond me!

While this was going on Maggie made a bee line for the back garden and quicker than the speed of light the whole of Cramlington knew we were home, as she pranced, bounced and barked with delight at the sound of her own voice, delighting in the echo.

Then, Ginny. Well, Ginny just sat quietly in the living room and the biggest sigh escaped her lips as we watched her sit still for Ginny never sits still. She is the dog version of the duracell bunny, who goes on and on and on…

So I guess they are all pleased to be home. It seems adventures are great but the best adventure is going home where you belong, with the people who love you apparently!

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