Apparently buying a soft fleece sleepsuit, removing the feet and cutting in a convenient ‘potty’ door is not Maggie’s idea of a perfect gift!

Neither is she convinced that the statement ‘its for your own good’ is valid and she definitely does not believe the ‘its because I love you’ follow up statement.

Actually, she firmly believes that this is a form of dog abuse and strongly thinks that you the readers should boycott this post – making her hoomans not only remove it from her delicate body but burn it in the back garden too…

But, if that should fail. She will put on her best begging eyes and profusely deny all knowledge of her bald patch and how it got there. Yes, it has a orange stain to it, yes, it’s still warm and wet but it definitely WAS NOT caused by her insessant licking and chewing.

Maggie would much rather go back to being bathed and treated daily with that liquid stuff than wear Peppa Pig of all things. She promises of days not chewing and plucking herself and quietly whispers…

I solemnly swear,
To never chew or lick,
(When mum is watching obs.)

To refrain from plucking,
And occasional sucking,
Never to hide from medicine,
Or grumble at mummies meddling.

If Peppa Pig turns to bacon,
I’ll be a good girl,
Just saying!

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