Longing of days…

Longing of days spent away and absent friends. When every day is a wish for Friday and the weekend and whispers for each year to be nearer to retiring (because you don’t play the lottery, so have no chance of winning.) Sometimes, I wonder why can’t I be more dog. To go on adventures, not have to worry about paying bills and sleep like you invented it!

Indeed life would be complete being able to spend everyday in thier company, no longer trudging (the 10 feet) to work, knuckles dragging along the floor. Not because I dislike my job – the opposite actually – I love my job and the people I work with. I just like the idea being a lady of leisure…

So, many and hour has been spent today, day dreaming of an endless supply of money and the dog rescue I would open, the holidays I would enjoy and cosmetic surgery I could have!

But we all have to come down with a bump, that and hardly ever do your day dreams work out as planned. So I will give myself a shake, stop looking at my glass like it’s half empty and smile as I listen to the rain making music on the windows.

Life could be much worse…

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