World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019…

In no way ever on this earth was Lord Willie going to participate, actually he preferred to hide in his most disliked room in the house (the bathroom where the shower monster lives) than to be subjected to ‘dress up’.

Maggie on the other hand is always up for a bit of fun (Harry Potter style of course) but you are wondering about Mr 3WD&Ps costume are you not? Awed by his genius and the intricate design of his outfit, can you guess who he is (answer at the end of this post) but I will give you a clue – dogs are like their owners…

However, the winner of world book Day has to go to Ginny (for Pigcat was not forth coming either.) Yes, Ginny took the biscuit – I mean won the prize – she chose to go as a poo.

Heard right, you did. Have you ever bent over a bath dressed as a crayon trying to shower the dog version of the Tasmanian Devil (cartoon version.) While also trying not to get fox s**t in your nails or up your nostrils!

No I bet you haven’t – or maybe you have. Don’t get me wrong Ginny loved every moment of it (well apart from the bathing bit) but who knew fox s**t watered down in the shower would cause so much excitement from two naughty westies at my ankles – wheres the gin!

*Mr 3WD&P went as the invisible man 🙄

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