3.26 Seconds…

3.26 seconds Mr. Bear and I lived for…

3.26 seconds until I was torn, ripped, sucked and chewed upon. Our delight at finally finding our forever home shattered to oblivion in mere seconds. Mr Bear shook in anticipation as he was released from his packaging and squealed with delight as he was gently gifted upon his fourpawed child. Whispers of devotion and love poured from his heart as he readied himself to be forever loved and cared for – to belong to his own dog.

2.04 seconds I (Mr Pig) had to endure the sound of Mr Bear screaming in terror, as I watched on in horror – only to be discarded as the massacre of Mr Bear became my own dogs delight. Silently I lay crying, wishing upon a quick death for my friend and companion, while praying for a kinder fate for myself as I watched stuffing fly around the living room. I knew that fate would not gift such a thing and the beast came for me.

The loud panting and excited yips gave me warning as I shook on the floor but fate was kinder to me – in its cruel way. For quicker was my death, as pearl teeth tore and tugged and my limbs. Warmth I felt near the end, like a warm wave of wet savouring and in my last moments only one thought crossed my heart.

Little Miss Rabbit who had accompanied us. Where art thou she be? Hidden away from the beast, where he could not see? Regret rose over me of words I had not said, like how pretty her eyes were and my real name was Fred.

Then all of a sudden, with a jerk and some pulling, I found that my head had come off and was rolling around and tumbling. The beast had devoured me and as I took my last breath I realized I had survived even less.

1.24 seconds and the light left my eyes. This dog called Willie brought me to my demise. So if you see him, hide all your toys or he will destroy, taking their souls, with not a thought but only with joy!

So, goodbye fair people, this is my time – I’m dead you see; my head is on the table, my legs on the chair, Willie pulled out my stuffing and ate my hair.

Pleased he is at his own brute strength, not caring about how Mr Bear or I felt. Farewell cruel world, indestructible I was not, the label lied and this is what I got!

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