That’ll Do…

Yesterdays, antics were not only filled with Willie and his murder spree but it was filled with friends, coffee and lots smiles. I was torn as to what to post yesterday, really wanting to put every detail in but I didn’t want to take away from a fantastic, magical moment from wee Ginny.

Ginny has been with us now for around five months and she is now a far cry from the under weight, terrified scrap of a thing we collected. She now has a small round tummy and bounces around the house like Tigger. She walks beautifully on her harness, has (mostly) good recall, now eats out of her bowls – rather than the floor and gives the most beautiful cuddles.

We still have the odd ‘accident’ but are 99.3% there and her smile is the most bizarre thing you will ever see but also the cutest. However, as she thrives so does her character, the downside to this is she is a little confused as to what her name is. For as much as we call her name, we just as often mumble under our breath ‘little s**t’. Not that there is any malice in this pet name we use, we adore her but she is a right naughty sod!

Her character exudes confidence but sadly only around us and at home. Outside when off lead she can be skittish and has absolutely no manners or social skills in how to greet other dogs (something we are working on) but she also struggles being brave when meeting people, keeping them at arms length – close enough to play but far enough away to hide. So, imagine my delight in seeing what only ‘Auntie Lisa’ could get away with – a kiss…

Slowmo photographs beautiful in their simplicity and she was so tired at being a brave girl Ginny fell asleep sitting on her daddies knee later that afternoon. That’ll do girl, that’ll do ❤️❤️❤️

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