Dustys Dream…

We have opened our doors again to the waifs and strays much the disgust of Pigcat – but who could say no to this Beautiful girl.

Dusty is delightful little girl who takes things in her own stride. She is very people oriented and is always seeking a cuddle or a sneaky kiss. She is neither fussed one way or the other about our other dogs, she is happy to be around them and happy toddling about on her own too.

She is an exbreeding dog who is desperate for people to call her own and should you be that lucky person she will forever be your shadow. She is relaxed in the car, feeds well and has a lovely friendly personality. She is looking for someone who can help her adjust to home life.

She is learning to walk on the lead – and is mastering this beautifully but in addition to this she is working on toilet training. Dusty is a bright little girl and has already clicked onto the puppy pads in the house and will happily ‘go outside’ to do her business.

Dusty has a grade 2 heart murmur (non medicated) which does not seem to effect her quality of life. However, if you are looking for a companion to run marathons and collect munroes with she may not be the right dog for you.

Dusty has a playful puppy like character and does still gently mouth as a puppy would. She is very enquisitive about the visiting children in our home (our grandson 5yrs) and will happily greet them with a waggy tail but is unsure as to what to do with them so would need time to get used to any small two legged residents or visitors. She has no worries over our older manchildren (teenagers) and will happily over her tummy for a rub or share a cuddle on their bed.

In addition to this Dusty seems quite underwhelmed at our resident cat (which has his own area in the house.) She has passed the odd glaze his way but seems uninterested – that being said she is a terrier so if you have a resident cat please seek advice from the many tears staff.

Dusty is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She comes complete with a pet passport and one months free insurance. She is waiting and ready to go – are you her forever pawparents?

Dusty is in foster in the North East in the Newcastle/Northumberland area.

Please contact Many Tears animal rescue using the link below if you can offer Dusty a loving home.


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