The Three Amigos and Dusty…

I bet you are wondering how the three amigos have took to our little visitor?

Well to be honest it has been easier than we thought it would be. We decided to introduce them out on a walk (on neutral land) rather than in our home because we have always found this to work well and indeed it did.

Maybe it is because our lot are used to the coming and goings of temporary visitors but I do think Dustys easy going, relaxed character played a big part too. She is inquisitive without being pushy but not shy in mucking in either.

But what is most interesting is that Willie, Ginny and Maggie just seem to know or sense that Dusty needs a little time. They respectfully wander about and play, gently encouraging her along.

They give her time to explore and take things in her own stride, seemingly understanding that she needs to cuddle up and bond and they do it with ease – well apart from the odd photobombed look of slight disgruntleness (Willie of course because that HIS daddy) and if Dusty is one thing she IS a cuddle monster. This little girl is going to be a lovely snuggly lapdog, who will adore her two leg people and if you don’t mind the odd snog or two she will love you forever.

If you can offer this little girl a loving home or if you want to know more about her please click on the link below or contact the rescue directly. Or if you know somebody who can please share this post.

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