Fingers and Toes crossed…

There are so many things I could say about our wee charge Dusty today but I am going to start with the good news that she is in reserve at the moment. This is great news and my heart sits in my throat as I cross all my fingers and toes for her as the rescue does its checks crosses all the t’s and dots the I’s for her.

Dusty has only been with us since Sunday and she is a lovely, calm girl, taking everything in her stride. We have had one (or two oopsies) as she has been finding her bearings but this is to be expected and not something we are worried about.

Out on walks Dusty likes to go at a slow and steady pace, preferring to be at your heel or just in your shadow and trusts her people to lead and control direction and experiences. That being said she is happy meeting other walkers and dogs and loves a good sniff. She will toilet out on walks but only when she feels safe and confident which is great but she is a ‘kicker upper’ when done so you may not want to bend down too soon to tidy up 😁.

We have not yet let Dusty off lead, her recall is coming on well in the house but we are unsure wether she is responding to tones rather than her name, so this is something that will need a little work (and must only be done in a secure, fenced off area.)

Aside from learning to walk on a lead Dusty has met some younger children this week. Dusty finds younger children (five and under) quite strange. She is keen to say hello and will say hello but she is nervous as they are coming towards her and she tends to grunt and look for reassurance from adults. With patience and some correction along with positive re-enforcement I feel this is something she will be able to overcome. Dusty is more confident with older children and will seek them out for a cuddle though. However, I am a great believer that children and animals should always be supervised when together.

To find out more about Dusty please click on the link below;

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