It’s been a day or breaking things here in the world of three white dogs and a pig. Mr 3WD&P has broke his foot, all the exercise has broke the dogs and I have successfully broke my bank.

This of course has resulted in a magical combination of one whiney husband, three sleepy dogs (complete with noisy snoring and deadly farts) and me trying to hide all evidence of my spending that has broke my bank.

Looking at the bright side though; it is Friday, the Gin bar is open and the weekend looks good so far. All there is to do now is flea and worm the Pigcat…

This is easily said but not so easily done. As I’m pretty sure Pigcat has a flea and worm radar installed under all that soft down of his (along with some sharp talon like claws.) Now non dog people worry a lot about dogs biting but it’s not the dogs you need to worry about – it is Pigcat at flea and worming time, for not only can he be unpleasant at this time of the month but he is as slippery as an eel too, making for an interesting encounter to say the least.

So, don’t be fooled by his seemingly sleepy state – he’s not sleeping, he’s waiting. He’s heard the foil wrapper pop, he heard me put on the garden gloves and has noticed the strategically placed towel on the bed. He is waiting, waiting for me…

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