What you going do about it muffer…

Theres nothing like waking up to a wet Willie in the morning, especially one that is denial. I mean just look at that face and the conversation wasn’t much better…

Me: Urgh why are you wet Willie?

Willie: I Dunno.

Me: You’ve been rolling in the snow haven’t you?

Willie: I Dunno.

Me: Urgh, why is Dusty wet Willie? Have you been teaching her to roll in the snow?

Willie: Cos it’s raining.

Me: it’s raining! You are both covered top to bottom in snow and mud – look at you!

Willie: I Dunno what you mean?

Me: Why are you on the bed Willie? You know you are not allowed on the bed when you are wet.

Willie: Dad said I could.

Me: I’ll check, I’ll ask daddy.

Willie: Go on then woman, check!

Me: Daddy didn’t say yes Willie.

Willie: I Dunno, it sounded like go and dry yourself off on the bed – what ya gonna do about it muffer …

I give up!

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