When one story ends…

It’s been quite a weekend here in the world of 3WD&P. Dusty got here furever home and I’ll miss her little piggy noises tonight but I’m so pleased for her and her new family.

Families are important, especially when there are new beginnings to be had and this weekend not only did we have the privilege of being apart of helping a new fourpaw find their forever home but we helped an old one celebrate his too…

Do you remember wee Baxter (Willie’s arch enemy in the hay day.) Yes, these boys had more sass that a flock of geese in a farmer’s court yard. Baxter too only stayed with us for a short week here in foster before his forever family fell in love with his westitude and huge brown eyes. Well this weekend he played a major part in the next phase of his families adventure – he witnessed and took part in their marriage and I think you will agree he looks very dapper (as do the bride and groom.)

And how did these two boys (Willie and Baxter) get along here? Well they were perfect gentlemen of course – with Willie keeping a close watch – just to match sure Baxter didn’t get any grand plans of stealing his daddy.

To caption the photos;

“he’s behind me isn’t he?”

Yes Baxter he is, he always is …

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