We have a rule in this house, the rule goes something like this;

Look after everyone who is smaller than you.

In theory this rule is to teach everybody to care about each other and responsibility for others and their feelings. In theory everybody should be looking after me (for I am the shortest here.) Then I should in turn be looking after the three dogs and pigcat but what happens when there is someone smaller than them?

Well, obviously they have to follow the same rules. However, one dog is, well one dog and more than one is a pack and our pack is how can I put it – comprised. Ginny is our curve ball, she is a complete lunatic so the thought of giving her any responsibility over another smaller than her is horrifying. Therefore, Willie got the job as Maggie lunatic sat.

Willie accompanied his daddy to help look after those smaller than him. Now bearing in mind that Lord Willie first of his name can be a bit of a brute and go bowling into things with his braun rather than his brains, I think Mr 3WD&P was very accommodating but one man and his dog, he trusted him and it seemed it was well worth it.

Willie was smitten at first sight, never have we seen him so gentle. Not a bark, whimper, scamper or gallop escaped him as he pressed his shiny coal like nose against the glass. Statue like he stood on his hind legs, astund with wonder at the sight before him. He was lost in the moment, filled with curiosity and awe.

And when Mr 3WD&P lifted Dave gentle in his hands down to Willie, Willie sat and patiently waited. No fast moves did he make as he slowly leaned forward for a sniff and as his daddy watched unsuspecting he snuck in a sneaky kiss (one kiss – for Willie only ever gives one kiss.) Yes our wee boy Willie rocked his chick sitting job, he and Dave will be friends for ever more and we will never tell him the story where his McChicken nuggets come from…

*no chicks were hurt in this meeting and although daddy was a tad irresponsible lord Willie rocked it like a boss 😱.

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