Happiness Day…

On looking through my photos today I found a selection from Sunday, the last ones taken before our visitors left to go home.

Baxter – telling Mr 3WD&P stories all about his forever home and all the adventures he has had there. His last snuggles with Mr 3WD&P before reuniting with his now newly married mummy and and daddy and the best photograph (I personally think) is the last one of Baxter as he sits on the floor with Ginny.

All we said was “it’s was time to go home” and just look at that face. I am pretty sure he understood what had said and that smile says it all. He didn’t even stop to say hello to Dustys visitors on the way past – he was on a mission – homeward bound and it is moments like this that remind you that fostering is worth it and it makes your heart smile.

However, it was not just Baxter who went home on Sunday – Dusty did too. Her meet a greet was everything we had hoped it would be and a few tears fell down my cheeks as she left but on looking back through these photos I bloom with pride and love.

My Maggie does miss her, Dusty was a calm, cuddly girl (descriptions I would probably not always choose for Ginny or Lord Willie) but Maggie is nuturing girl with an old soul and takes newcomers in her stride but sometimes she takes quickly to one or two and she needs a little extra fussing when those friends leave, that and a wee reminder that she will meet them again.

And she will…

Baxter often comes out on group walks (the benefit of being local) and Dusty – well she is a little further afield enjoying the fresh air of the north but we often visit north and there is always time for a cuppa or two!

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