We had a surprise visitor who came to stay with us last night and considering it was only last night she has settled in lovely.

Valentine is an inquisitive little girl who is a nosey parker out on walks and in the house and like most pugs she can be a tad stubborn but quickly comes around to your way of thinking.

She loves her food and has quickly sussed out what treats are for (which is great for training.) Valentine loves being outside, either in the garden exploring with friends or out on walks.

Valentine is a learner walker but both my husband and I are delighted by her walking edicate. She likes a good olde sniff about and walks lovely (when she isnt being a little stubborn about sniffing every blade of grass.)

She does not seem bothered in the slightest by other dogs out on walks but because she is very new to exploring the outside world she can sometimes be wary of loud noises and new experiences, so would need a sympathetic and understanding family.

In the home Valentine is opening up by the hour and is turning out to be a character. She isnt shy of a sneaky fart and snorts like a pig when happy (which is part and part of this breed – and you’ve just gotta love them for it) and you will never lose her on an evening as she snores like walrus.

Valentine will go outside to toilet but is still very new to life in a home but she is a quick learner, watching our own dogs and taking the lead from them on how to behave. She very much wants cuddles and kisses from people but feels more comfortable approaching them herself but I have no doubt she will quickly come out of her shell. She already greets people with a happy waggy tail, she just needs time.

I already get the impression that Valentine is going to make us laugh a lot. She has an outgoing character, who is a definately a ‘feet first’ girl. She is not your ‘typical pug’, who people oft think to be ‘lazy’ but a well rounded girl who when exercised is content.

Therefore, Valentine would suit either an active or relaxed family who like the outdoors, wether for gentle strolls or whole day adventures – but just remember she will snore her socks off (loudly) when it is time for evening cuddles.

Could this little girl be your Valentine?

Valentine is the Northumberland/Newcastle Area.

For more information please follow the link below or contact the rescue directly at;

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