Learn to play…

As Valentine patiently awaits for her forever home, lets talk about play…

Valentine doesnt really know what play is or toys are for (unlike my three, two of which would be on recurrent life sentences for toy murdering and the other hordes and hides her toys away from them.)

Thus, when the toys came out of the basket Valentine was a little bewildered, she has no interest or understanding of the soft toys but does like a good chew on the antlers and rubber toys – you know the ones – the ones advertised as “indestructible” that you spend the next fours days pulling bits out of your carpets, washing machine and toes or if you are really lucky with your fingers in your dogs mouth while frantically shouting “spit it out, spit it out like you are a half crazed madman!

But sometimes the lines get blurry for dogs like Valentine who are still learning about living in a home; in that they cannot differentiate between dog toys and people stuff and while we have not personally experienced Valentine chewing up anything here (that was not for her) we do understand that this may be because we are very lucky in that my husband and I work split shifts, meaning there is always someone home (barr an odd half an hour here and there)

But it is also something we have both had experience with (the hard way with one of our first foster dog many moons ago) and are aware what can happen if we are not vigilant and Valentine like most others is no different. Indeed on the first evening of Valentines stay she tried to nibble on the corner of our rug and she is really intrigued with pencils (strange I know) but with a quick, firm no she is easily distracted and corrected, showing that she is an intelligent wee girl who can be trained.

Valentine is in foster placement in the Northumberland/Newcastle area. For more information on Valentine click on the link below or contact the rescue centre directly at;


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