Sleep, eat and toilet…

Apart form the first night she arrived Valentine has been clean in the house. She has quickly understood where the back door is and what the garden is for. We often leave the back door open here and this has helped Valentine, this and copying our own dogs but Valentine is a clever cookie and now will indicate that she needs outside when the back door is closed by scurrying backwards and forwards to get your attention.

Valentine is also clean in her crate and sleeps in it throughout the night. She is not always keen to ‘go to bed’ and on those first few nights cried but with a gentle no can consolidate herself. However, last night she slept through with no crying and had to be woken up in the morning.

Valentine came to us with crate training on an evening but it is something we always try to put in place for foster dogs. Not because we are big hairy ogres but because not everyone lets dogs into their bedrooms and we feel this stops a dog becoming further confused during their forever home transition. That being said Valentine does join us in the morning for sneaky cuddles on the bed and delights in this, so if you are a dog everywhere person its a win/win for Valentine.

We currently feed Valentine in a separate space to our dogs (in same room at the same time) as we have two resident rescues ourselves and because we have found that food and feeding time can be time where territory issues may present. So we slowly introduce a new diner to the pack and this gives us time to see how a new dog is around food. Valentine has a good appetite and food is important to her, she does eat quickly and is keen to ‘check out’ the other dogs bowls when they are finished (this can be common if food routines have not been regular throughout a rescue dogs life) but we have no concerns with Valentine and we are slowly moving their feeding bowls together.

Going back to Valentines crate. During the day we keep her crate door open and Valentine is happy to come and go throughout the day, she will sleep, play and take treats into it. We also use crate training when we leave Valentine. I do believe when Valentine learns the ropes of a home she will settle without crate training but at the moment it is a safe space for her and it is a good way to see how she reacts to being left (we are currently up to 15 – 30 minutes but would never advise leaving a dog crated for any long length of time.)

Valentine is in foster placement in the Northumberland/Newcastle area. For more information on Valentine click on the link below or contact the rescue centre directly at;

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