Divvn’t be believing her…

For Muffers day, I presented my muffer with an extra special gift – in that it was a surprise gift. However, the muffer was not quite as grateful as I had anticipated her to be. In actual fact she avoided me for nearly a whole thirty minutes after I bestowed it upon her, while mumbling under her breath that I was a hooligan…I am not a hooligan – I am just misunderstood and in my defense I did try and offer my condolences (this is me below still trying to right my misdemeanor.) I mean I didn’t deliberately start off with the intention of nutting the muffer smack bang on her forehead – it was a miscalculation, my maths was only slightly off. Neither is the muffer scarred or bruised (well to the naked eye anyway) so don’t believe that line if you see her and she starts bumping her gums. She’s got a hard head that one!I only wanted a Muffers day cuddle, it’s not my fault she bent down as I vaulted over the footstool, determined to be the first dog there!

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