My foster muffer sayes I’m having a backwards day today. I’m not sure what she’s means but she seems to thunk I’ve got out the wrong side of bed today. She then had the audacity to loving refer to me as a slug – a slug can you believe it!

No muffer I’m not having a backwards day, left the bed on the wrong side or changed into a slug over night, I just didn’t want to go for a walk this morning.

I am however rather peeved you still took me and to make matters worse ignored my plea to be chaffeur carried back home as I tried to nap mid walk; for no fine dog such as me should be made to walk in the rain.

I am also further traumatized that you deemed it acceptable to laugh as I launched myself back into bed when we got home.

Therefore I request a new (more respectful) muffer and beg to be saved from the clutches of this ones torment. I am in foster placement in the Northumberland/Newcastle area – please save me.

Ps; Happy Muffers Day – I’m sure you will find me soon forever Muffer.

For more information on Valentine click on the link below or contact the rescue centre directly at;

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