I laugh in the face ov dangers…

Mmmhooaarr I laughs in theezes face ovs danger. I laughs at yous, woman and your vain attempts at trying to taunt my magnificents. I knows my awesomeness is alls seeing and unrivalled, my plume of hair beguiling to all those who look upon it …For I am Lord Willie, first of my name. Defender of the numnums in my bowl, killer of squeaks and Cassanova to da the ladies. My arrogance knows no bounds and my courage is ceaseless – nothing is equal to my perfection.Threaten me woman, carry on with your needless bleating, chide me and try to belittle me with your words. Try woman, I dare you, to bring the scissors or the hair bobble of doom to my door – I will defy you. No mere mortal will shear my beautiful locks away from I.Use the word woman – you know you want to. Be not afraid. For I relish the battle, I will go forth into the fight…Never will I let a groomer steal my precious fringe woman – be gone, leave my sight woman…Ha! Thats what he thinks, tick tock you’re on the clock dude – you look like a sheep!

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