Oh no you didn’t…

When you think it’s a great idea to run in a hot, relaxing bubble bath while the dogs are snoring their heads off on the couch.When you close the bathroom door tight shut and dreamingly slide into the steaming water, feeling quite pleased with yourself that you’ve got away with it.To then have to sit and listen to the constant snorts coming under the bathroom door and the frantic scratching for them to be let in (because god forbid I may drown and not have westie assistance.)To the point you get so fed up of being guilted into submission of opening the bathroom door as they sing the song of their people and serenade you of the breaking of their hearts at being torn away from you.To then try and return to having your (now tepid) bath with the door wide open, complete with a freezing through draft and not without a corner of snoring dogs (with the addition of odour de dog fart with hint of cabbage ) while they await your pending doom and watery demise.But all you are thinking of reading this is; why are there only two dogs in the photographs?Well that is because Valentine isn’t having any of it, firstly it’s water and she’s doesn’t do water but more importantly her favourite person (Mr 3WD&P) is in the living room, so she isn’t going anywhere but where he is and Ginny…Well, Ginny loves water and I am not posting a photograph of her. Mostly because she’s sitting on my knee and I am in my birthday suit but also nobody needs to be subjected those types of poses 😂😁🤪😱Needless, to say I am no longer in the bath!

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